So I’m jogging down the street just before dawn this morning…I don’t say running because frankly I’m so slow I’m lucky I don’t leave a trail…and one of the street lights turns on when I go past. Now maybe that’s a fluke…I mean I don’t think they’re on motion sensors…but part of me thinks maybe they are…and if so, they’re street lights…which means they’re probably set to be triggered by something large…like a car…but I set it off…and what does that say about me…now, I’m big…6’ 4”…really big for a woman…but my weight is in proportion to my height…which is like saying the Empire State Building’s weight is in proportion to its height…its still A LOT…and I’m a bit sensitive about it, not that I really notice it all the time…only when its in my face…like when I’m standing in line for the women’s restroom and feel like I’ve landed in Munchkin land…or when I notice how dirty the top of my refrigerator is…without a step stool…or when a ceiling fan makes me nervous…or when I think I’ve triggered the motion sensor on a street light because I have an axle rating of more than a ton…but what should probably be of deeper concern is how I managed to personalize the simple occurrence of street light turning on to the point that I managed to write an entire blog entry around it…really an exceptional display of self-centeredness, which is a flaw I would try to eliminate…if I wasn’t so proud of it. If you’re proud of your own egotism, is that like the proverbial snowball rolling down hill that just gets bigger and bigger…ugh! Back to big again.