I have to go to these group therapy sessions at Kaiser…cause they they think I’m crazy…which of course I am…but I’m probably crazy enough to need drugs, but of course it’s cheaper to pour you into a psycho-social blender than it is to have you talk to someone one on one…and give you serious drugs..which is why I decided to be crazy in the first place.  Anyway, one night this quadruple layer cake of a woman moos her way into the room and plops down in a chair that winds up looking like four tooth picks buried in her ass, opens the gaping maw in the middle of her bulldog face and starts to talk about her “sex addiction!”. How does someone like her get a sex addiction?!  I mean she’s not a one bagger or a two bagger…she’s a body bagger!  Surely there’s not other people involved!  Maybe she buys duracells by the gross…which describes her as well.  What the fuck is wrong with people that I’m alone…and what does that say about me!  Maybe if I eat the Sears Tower and dip my face in acid someone will want me…not that I would want them…I just want them to want me!!! Now why do they think I’m crazy??